Movies You Should Watch When You’re High

Movies You Should Watch When You’re High

Movies You Should Watch When You’re High:First of all what’s common between movies that are very difficult to understand , movies which look absolutely silly and the movies that are so bad. They make you question the sanity of the makers? They’re all super fun to watch when you’re high. We list a few movies which you should watch during your next night-out after the multiple beer cartons and/or the ‘medicinal grass’.

The ‘deep’ mind-bending ones:

We list the movies that would totally Movies You Should Watch When You’re High. However, since we know the elevated understanding of philosophy that a ‘high’ brings with it, we recommend you watch the following:

Movies You Should Watch When You’re High

1. Mulholland Drive (2001)

This film by David Lynch is one of the mysterious movies you’ll ever see. Featuring a stellar performance by Naomi Watts, the movie revolves around three principal characters – a woman who has lost her memory, a Hollywood-hopeful and a a director dealing with mobsters over the casting of his film. Being high might actually help you make sense of the whole randomness.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless

Mind (2004)

Starring an unconventional pair of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, the movie deals with a man seeking help to get over a failed relationship. The movie is inventive in its approach towards addressing heartbreak and moving on, and it takes quite a few twist and turns. Some of the plot devices might zonk you out while sober, being high while watching might help you laugh at the randomness of it.

3. Enter The Void (2009)

Directed by Gasper Noe, this film made the whole psychedelic trip more accessible to India. It follows a drug dealer as his spirit floats over Tokyo and he re-examines life. Didn’t understand? The director was on mushrooms when he wrote the film, and that might have something to do with how it turned out…

4. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Starring Tom Cruise, where he has to live the day of his death again and again. It is one hell of an entertaining movie with lots of warfare and shows Tom Cruise in a non-action hero light for a change. Great fun for when you’re tipsy.

5. No Smoking (2007)

Anurag Kashyap’s most alienating movie till date – following a man’s fight against an institution which is trying to rid him off his habit of lighting up. The film somehow ties up Russia, with the protagonist ending up in a home-styled Nazi concentration camp asking existential questions. Take a swig before you sit down to watch this…

Movies that are as high as you are:

The next category Movies You Should Watch When You’re High are the movies that are full of characters high on life, alcohol and other stuff. These movies involve you in such a way that you feel the character’s high. To find company in your high on a Saturday night, we recommend the following movies:

6. Up In Smoke (1978)

This film has the most hilarious marijuana plot device in film history, when the two lead dim-witted characters steal a whole car made of marijuana and drive from Mexico to LA with a police officer chasing them. It will leave you on a high, and give you great company while you’re there.

7. Pineapple Express (2008)

This James Franco and Seth Rogen starrer is one ride down the ‘high’way. When a marijuana dealer and his server witness the murder of their Boss, they need to run from the mobsters in the midst of lots of ‘Pineapple Express’ which is the newest breed of drug to get high on for stoners in the area. One hilarious ride!

8. Road Trip (2000)

Todd ‘Hangover’ Phillips’ road comedy film about a bunch of youngsters who begin an 1800-mile road trip to retrieve a sex tape mistakenly sent to a girlfriend. This movie guarantees laughs by the minute, sure to make you happy while you’re high…

9. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

After the super success of Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow’s second consecutive experiment with the martial art is fun as hell! The film follows a wannabe-gangster as he joins the mob gang in town and residents of a housing complex defend their turf with their own extra-ordinary powers. Funny, innovative visuals and some very inventive action set pieces in the climax will ensure you have a blast!

10. The Last Airbender (2012)

Based on the highly appreciated anime series of Avatar, Shyamalan hit a new low with this movie. Containing some laugh-worthy special effects, the film came under severe criticism as to why Shyamalan was paid after making such a bad movie – might be a great film over a drink or two. You might need the high to laugh at this spectacularly dull movie about superheroes and superpowers.

CATS (2019)

Critics Consensus: Despite its fur-midable cast, this Cats adaptation is a clawful mistake that will leave most viewers begging to be put out of their mew-sery.Synopsis: Universal Pictures and Working Title’s Cats is a most-unexpected film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beloved smash musical “Cats”

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