710 kingpen – loud pack extracts

The 710 KingPen is the next-generation, hand-held portable vaporizer, designed to heat the product to a temperature a drop below the combustion level, so that it produces a vapor which is inhaled, instead of a smoke. Many medical marijuana patients who are unable to smoke rely on this form of medicating. It is a well-known medical fact that the carcinogens associated with smoking are far more dangerous than the method of vaporization. And because the 710 KingPen provides a discrete way to use medical cannabis in public, they are naturally in high-demand, in the recreational markets too. AVAILABLE STRAINS: SKYWALKER OG, KING LOUIE OG, TRAINWRECK, JACK HERER, THREE KINGS, CALI-O

710 kingpen – loud pack extracts

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710 King Pen cartridges are made with LoudPack Extracts and have just over 80% THC content. In fact I can just take 1 rip and get an instant head change. That is how strong this stuff is!

Kingpen Skywalker OG Vape Cartridge

Flavors tested: Jack Herer (sativa) & Cali-O ( Hybrid)

710 Kingpen’s Jack Herer Cartridges combine both lemon and pine terpenes . Jack Herer is one of my favorite day time strains due to its energetic nature. It produces a unique effect that combines both relaxing body high with a very stimulating and uplifting head high. The energetic nature of sativa gets you in the mood, that is why I consider this Jack Herer cartridge to be a sexual stimulant.  But if you smoke this strain too late you may stay up all night!


710 Kingpen’s Cali-O Cartridge boasts of fragrant fruit and citrus terpenes. This hybrid provides for a happy mood and deep state of relaxation, with a very pronounced body high. (Noticeably stronger than the Jack Herer flavor.) I really enjoy the taste of the Cali-O, but I prefer the energizing effects of the Jack Herer. Cali-o is one of the best tasting flavors I have experienced in a vape catridge. It’s really fucken good!