Blue Mango Strain


Blue Mango cannabis strain  is an even hybrid with a THC average of 12.5-18%



Blue Mango Strain is an indica/sativa variety, made from a Clone Only Mother of Blue Dream imported to Colorado from California and a super stout Mango Puff F2 Male from Gage Green Genetics. This variety throws frosty spears with medium yields. That Blue Dream stink we all know combined with the ungodly smell of the Mango Puff has created a unique terpene profile not found in many strains.

Flowers of Blue Mango are medium to large in size and have the long, tapered buds more characteristic of sativa varieties. The fluffy, somewhat ragged leaves pull away relatively easily from their central stems. They appear pale green and are offset by rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils, structures intended to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Some phenotypes of Blue Mano also express deep blue and purple hues in their leaves. These latter colors emerge when pigments called anthocyanins are stimulated by cold weather in the growing process, similar to the process that causes foliage to change color in autumn. Trichomes cover these multicolored flowers, accounting for the strain’s psychoactivity and giving it a very resinous texture. A mouthwatering blueberry scent jumps off of the cured buds, leaving little doubt that Blueberry is somewhere in Blue Mango’s lineage.

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1 OUNCE(Oz), 1/4 Pound (qp), 1/2 Pound (hp), Pound (lb)


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