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Friendly farms carts are filled with full-spectrum live resin sauce. All carts have no additives. we also try to make these live resin sauce carts as affordable as possible. They are not sold at ultra low budget prices, but for the quality, the carts are worth it.




Friendly farms carts are filled with full-spectrum live resin sauce. All carts have no additives. we also try to make these live resin sauce carts as affordable as possible. They are not sold at ultra low budget prices, but for the quality, the carts are worth it.

For hardware, Friendly farms carts is using one of our favorites: the new generation CCELL cartridge, particularly the TH2 series. This cart is reliable, hits hard and has an extremely low failure rate. There were no issues with efficiency since the new generation CCELL is most efficient cartridges style currently out.

In general, smoking sauce cartridges are an experience. They pull different and taste different. Its like dabbing versus traditional vaping. Buy Friendly Farms Carts Now

Friendly Farms Carts taste like the strains themselves. The effects are bolder on the body and resemble an effect similar to dabbing. Because the carts are full spectrum, It means most of the compound found in the plants trichomes are present. The effects are mostly positive with little to no anxiety due to having CBD in most of their extracts. The packaging is great and pulls from their strains’ individual COAs which shows the legitimacy of their products

Friendly farms carts brand

Forbidden Fruit 1g Liquid Live Cartridge

Product description


Friendly Farms  carts Forbidden Fruit is the mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie. The terpene profile is a perfect mixture of Cherry Pie’s musky, sweet cherry undertones and Tangie’s loud tropical flavors. The effects hit hard between the eyes and lay into the body with each hit. Forbidden Fruit’s deep physical relaxation and mental stoniness make it perfect for dulling minor physical discomfort and discarding stress.


Every flavor is a hit for Friendly Farms, and its menu of extractions offers a variety of strains with something for everyone to enjoy. Friendly Farms invites the cannabis community of california to tap into its friendly side with cartiridges of highly specialized live resin. Our Liquid Live cartridges will forever change the way you consume cannabis.

Total Cannabinoid: 73%

FRIENDLY FARMS CARTS OZ Kush .5g Cured Resin Cartridge

Product description

“Known for its super sedative high, OZ Kush is perfect for any night when you need a little extra help to get to sleep at night. The high has a light tingly onset that works its way through your entire body in warming waves, lulling you into a state of pure calm and ease. Once it hits your mind it will quickly turn stoney, leaving you unfocused, fading in and out of consciousness. This effect soon turns sleepy, which can have you dozing off before you even realize what’s happening. With these effects and its high 15-21% average THC level, OZ Kush is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, insomnia, arthritis and spasticity. This bud has a slightly sour lemon flavor with a light hint of spiciness to it. The aroma is earthy and woody with a pine overtone that’s accented by touches of sour citrus. OZ Kush buds have super hard and compact rounded bright neon green nugs with long thin yellow-orange hairs and a coating of frosty thick golden amber crystal trichomes.”

THC: 71.691%

Total Cannabinoid: 76.823%

FRIENDLY FARMS CARTS Orange Sunset .5g Cured Resin Cartridge

Product description


“The perfect bud for kicking back and enjoying the views on a lazy afternoon, Orange Sunset is both lifting and relaxing. The high has a definite warming effect, washing over your body in soothing waves and leaving it feeling totally calm, kicked back and at ease. A light mental energy accompanies this physical state, lifting your spirits and filling you with a happy sense of calm and ease as well as a touch of creativity that will lend itself well to any conversation at hand. Combined with its super high 27-30% THC level, these effects give Orange Sunset an edge in treating chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings or depression and chronic pain. This bud has a classic sweet creamy citrus flavor with a touch of tangy sour orange candy upon exhale. The aroma is much like a fresh citrus grove, with sharp oranges and vibrant tangerines accented by fresh earth throughout.”


Product description

“El Jefe delivers an exceptional blend of spicy, lemony and pine flavors that will keep you coming back for more after each hit. The strain is known for offering mind relief unlike any other. It may be strong but it is not strong enough to completely knock you out for the rest of the night. Individuals new to smoking cannabis can also smoke the strain as long as they are careful. The high is calming and relaxing and primarily offers a body buzz that calms the senses which may cause you to exhibit symptoms of couch-lock. You should keep in mind that its effects are primarily beneficial for individuals suffering from crams and muscle spasms. But that is not all, as it is just as effective at treating other severe medical conditions like anorexia, depression, anxiety and ADHD.”

FRIENDLY FARMS CARTS  Alien Labs – Cosmic Crisp .5g Cured Cartridge

Product description


“Cosmic Crisp (Triangle Mints x Apple Fritter) is truly out of this world with its beautiful bud structure looking like a meteor coming out of orbit. Tastes like sour apple candy with hints of fuel and vanilla cream terps. The high testing cannabinoid profiles will take you to another dimension.”

FRIENDLY FARMS CARTS Animal Cookies 1g Cured Resin Cartridge

Product description


“The Animal Cookies high comes on fast and hard with a rushing lifted feeling that fills your mind with a happy and unfocused euphoria. As you fade further into this giggly hazy state, a relaxing body high will wash over you, lulling you into a deep state of ease and calm. This combination quickly becomes sedative, leaving you dozing off before you expect it. These effects and its high 20-27% average THC level make Animal Cookies perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression and appetite loss or nausea. This bud has a classic sweet nutty cookie flavor with a lightly spicy pungent exhale. The aroma is of earthy pungency and sweet herbs with a sour overtone that intensifies as the nugs are broken apart and burned.”

FRIENDLY FARM Skypack-Biscotti Pie 1g Cured Resin Cartridge

Product description


“If you’re looking for a classic indica with an insanely delicious flavor, you’ve found it. Biscotti packs everything you want and more in the effects and taste department into each delicious toke, all fueled by a super high 25% average THC level. The Biscotti high comes on with a rush of cerebral effects that launch your mind into a pure lifted state of unfocused bliss. As your mind settles, a calming body high will wash over our physical form, allowing you to kick back and relax without a care in the world. This high will quickly become giggly and stoney, leaving you laughing at anything and everything around you. Thanks to these effects and its high THC level, Biscotti is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, mood swings, and chronic pain. This bud has an insanely delicious sugary cookie flavor with a rich spicy exhale. The aroma is of earthy herbs and fruits with a notable cookie effect. Biscotti buds have spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with long dark orange hairs and a thick frosty coating of bright white crystal trichomes.”

FRIENDLY FARM Zherbet 1g Cured Resin Cartridge

Product description


“The name of this bud says it all in terms of the flavor – has a sweet creamy minty flavor accented by fresh sugary fruits and a tangy exhale. The aroma has a sweet cookie effect that’s accented by sour fruits and a creamy effect that’s released as the nugs are broken apart. Its high is definitely one that’s truly unique – it has both energizing and calming effects that are ideal for treating a wide variety of conditions. The high starts with a euphoric energetic lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling completely happy although relaxed in both mind and body. As your head high builds, your body will fall into a lazy state that lulls you into a slightly couch-locked state with a pang of hunger, although you won’t be sleepy at all. Because of these effects and its high 15-19% THC level, it is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as mood swings, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, and chronic pain.”

THC: 72.855%

Total Cannabinoid: 77.645%

Friendly Farms : Fakes Are Not So Friendly

A little over a year ago, we reviewed Friendly Farms live sauce carts. We found them to be excellent, the cart that hits like you’re truly dabbing. Well, here comes the bad news as it so often does in this industry: counterfeit Friendly Farms carts have hit the streets!

Counterfeit Friendly Farms spotted on black market sites

As always, the appearance of empty packaging being sold on third-party Chinese sites means that street vendors will be grabbing the packaging to fill with whatever bunk ingredients and selling to gullible vapers. You dear readers of our site are not gullible vapers, are you?

Friendly Farms collaborations, past and present

Friendly Farms lives up to their name, collaborating with other brands occasionally. This does, unfortunately, make it confusing for people trying to tell real from counterfeit. Here’s the current scorecard:

  • Connected Cannabis Co.
  • Alien Labs – not to be confused with the, like, dozen other “alien” cart brands out there, real and fake
  • Sherbinski – Already heavily counterfeited, as we reported back there. This is particularly troublesome, because one Sherbinski cart looks exactly like another thanks to their square traffic cone design motif.

There is also a previous collaboration between Friendly Farms and Higher Vibrations, which is a saga of its own. Early on this year, we were alerted to Higher Vibrations going on using Friendly Farms’ name on their packaging long after the collaboration had concluded. HV was simply filling with their own oil but still using the boxes printed from FF. HV has since gotten over its affair with FF, changed its status back to ‘single,’ and moved on, but counterfeits of carts from that pairing still appear, we hear.

Fake Friendly Farms spotted in the Reddit wild

Starting from this thread reporting a Virginia plug offering Friendly Farms carts, Friendly Farms’ own Reddit account responds to affirm that fakes are out there.

In fact, Friendly Farms is quite active on Reddit and is happy to answer any questions. If only all cannabis product companies cared as much about P.R.! Friendly Farms’ account posts informative tidbits like these:

Additional information

Friendly Farms

Face of OG, Forbidden Fruit, Gelato, Gelato Cake, Gorilla Glue #4, Jack Herrer, Mimosa, Mob Father, Now n Later, OG Kush, Sky Walker OG, Smarties #43, Sour Diesel, Trenwreck


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    Thank you! Good stuff friends and I are happy with the previous order

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    This is awesome, nice buzz 10/10 on this one.

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