Lions Breath Full Gram Cartridges

Buy Lions Breath FULL GRAM Cartridges online,Our top screw-on cartridge with over 10 Amazing, powerful flavors. Testing at up to 94.55% THC, these cartridges can satisfy even the most veteran smoker while dealing with a couple medical conditions.


Lions Breath Full Gram Cartridges

Lions Breath Full Gram Cartridges Real or Fake?

Lions Breath Full Gram Cartridges have been a vape cart brand drifting about in the background of the vape neighborhood. We can not obtain any verification that such a brand exists now, and dubious claims to it ever possessing existed.

No official internet site, no make contact with information, and no apparent social media. The whereabouts of this enterprise or whom could possibly be in charge of it are a comprehensive mystery.

However the cartridges hold displaying up

A Reddit post from a year ago is our initially clue, exactly where somebody asks about Lion’s Breath cartridge security. Two really intriguing issues right here. Very first, the Instagram hyperlink the inquirer posts is now a dead hyperlink. Second, the best reply is from somebody saying they’re affiliated with “the Lions Breath enterprise,” and answers some of the issues. We’ve reached out to that poster and have so far not received a response.

That Reddit poster goes on to say “We’ve only completed a soft release of about 15k carts with a short-term label.” This could be a sign that at 1 point this was a genuine brand? In any case, there does not appear to be a Lion’s Breath brand now, so how do we clarify these boof retailers promoting cartridges proper now?

Lions Breath Cart Review

Lion’s Breath has been a vape cart brand drifting around in the background of the vape community. We can’t find any verification that such a brand exists now, and dubious claims to it ever having existed.

Now, we did run across an apparent weed strain called “Lion’s Breath,” at this seed-finder website in the EU. That being said, a website from the Jurassic era being the only reference doesn’t make for a huge vote of confidence. The strain is claimed by one “Bean Boyz Genetics.” When we went looking for them, we find a Facebook page. And on there, we find this story posted by the official account telling a heart-tugging story about somebody’s time in prison…

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It’s important to remember these cartridges are disposable and you should not use them as a permanent vape cartridge. Other brands are making it impossible to remove the mouthpiece, preventing the ability to refill raw garden carts with other THC oil. We recommend not to refill your Raw Garden vape cartridges more than three times. The THC cartridge can fall apart after using it too many times.This vape cartridge design is top of the line because it comes from the company CCELL. It can take high voltage hits up to 3.5 volts.

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